Custom Synthesis

Custom Synthesis

MOLATOM Scientific offers custom synthesis services to support contact research and development for many different industries. Our team provides organic synthesis of compounds at the milligram to kilogram scale in our custom synthesis lab. We can handle difficult chemical synthesis projects that require fast turnaround and clear communication of results.

With our cGMP / schedule M compliant plants our customers have access to a powerful industrial network providing competitive advantages in terms of quality, security, regulatory compliance and cost through leading-edge technology and back integration into non cGMP manufacturing plant. Our team have the expertise and experience in

  • Chemical intermediates
  • Reagents intermediates
  • API (Active Pharmaceutical ingredients)

We have expertise in conducting many different chemical reactions. Our strength lies in the development of rugged chemical process and dealing with scale up issues. Our team at MOLATOM Scientific have a never-say-die attitude that has afforded our customers results, even when starting with a 10 gram scale literature synthesis.

Reaction Capabilities

Reaction Capabilities
  • Grignard Reaction
  • Friedel-Craft (Acylation & Alkylation) Reaction
  • Mignonac Reaction
  • Sandmeyer Reaction
  • Heck Reaction
  • Cryogenic Reaction
  • Aldol & Crossed Aldol Reaction
  • Cyclo Addition (4+2, 4+3) Reaction
  • Writing-Homer Reaction
  • Sonogashira Coupling
  • Suzuki Coupling
  • Mitsonobu Esterification
  • Williamson‚??s Ether Synthesis
  • Asymmetric Reduction
  • Swern Oxidation
  • Jones Oxidation
  • Lithiation Chemistry
  • & many more‚?¶

Equipment Capabilities

Reaction Capabilities
  • Glass Line - 100ml to 500ml
  • Fume Hoods
  • Gas Line
  • Rotary Evaporator
  • Chiller
  • Hot Water Bath
  • High Pressure Reactor
  • Pilot Plant Assembly : 50ltr to 250ltr
  • Tray Drayer
  • Hydrogenator
  • Vacuum Dryer

Quality Control Capabilities

Reaction Capabilities
  • TLC
  • G.C
  • H.P.L.C
  • U.V. Photo Spectrometer
  • Atomic Absorption
  • Glass Flask, Pipette & Burette
  • L.F. / Incubator
  • Zone Reader
  • Microscopes
  • Clan Room Assembly
  • Furanace
  • pH Meter
  • Karl Fischer Apparatus