Safe Handle

Glass bottles are clean, dependable containers for liquid but they can present a serious safety hazard when broken. By containing liquid spills and broken glass, the ‚??Safe-Handle‚?Ě protects people and property from glass shards and exposure to flammable or hazardous liquid.

Designed for Safety

  • Minimizes spills and prevents breakage
  • Meets secondary containment requirement
  • Easy Mechanism
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • No effect on product quality
  • Suitable for 2.5ltr. Indian glass bottle
  • Does not contaminate liquids

6 Easy Steps to Greater Lab Safety

Step 1

Disengage bottom and top of Safe-Handle

Step 2

Carefully place the bottle in the bottom portion of the Safe-Handle

Step 3

Lower the Safe-Handle top over the neck of the bottle. Line up the indicator arrows to ensure proper assembly

Step 4

While boiling the bottom handle with one hand, turn the top handle with the other hand in a clockwise direction until the lugs click into place.

Step 5

Lock the top of the container to the bottom by pressing the handle lock mechanism until it snaps together. Ensure that the locking mechanism is engaged before carrying or dispersing liquid.

Step 6

When the bottle is empty, place the Safe-Handle on a flat surface to disengage. Hold the bottom handle with one hand. Using the other hand, rotate the top in a counter-clockwise direction until the lugs are disengaged. Remove the top from the bottom.

Prevents Breakage and Minimizes Spills

The Safe-Handle acts as a shock absorber to help prevent bottle breakage due to minor jolts such as hitting the edge of a lab bench or knocking one bottle against another. If a bottle does break, the Safe-Handle helps contain glass shards and liquid spills, protecting lab personal from broken glass and liquid exposure.

Meets Secondary Containment requirements

The Safe-Handle is a virtually break-proof secondary container for the storage and handling of 2.5ltr. glass bottles.

Easy-to-use Mechanism

The top of the Safe-Handle securely locks to the bottom and will not disengage if the container is dropped. The lugs on the handle audibly click into place, indicating that the Safe-Handle is securely closed.

Is Environmentally Responsible

Because most recycling programmes require the separation of glass and plastics, safety coated bottles pose recycling problems. The durable, liquid resistant construction of the Safe-Handle allows long term reuse with recyclable glass bottles.

Does not contaminate High-Purity liquids

Molatom Ltd has found that the PVC coating process may contaminate safety-coated bottles, rendering them unsuitable package for liquids. Safe-Handle has no effect on liquid quality.